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Will we soon have an “annual brain check-up”? Under what conditions may specific brain training/ enhancement methods work? Is implanting electrodes in one’s brain–as Elon Musk’s new venture just announced–the most promising way to create a brain-computer interface? How can we harness neuroplasticity to reinvent education and mental health?

Thousands of professionals know that SharpBrains’ annual virtual summit is a valuable resource to understand, navigate and apply the latest in brain health and brain enhancement. All sessions are recorded, so we have over 40 hours of recordings featuring over 100 incredible Speakers who participated in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Summits.

Now you have the opportunity to access all these session recordings at a substantial discount ($150 instead of the $465 it would cost to access them separately). (Access pass lasts for 1-year after purchase, so you’ll have plenty of time to watch sessions at your convenience)

45 Speakers, 15 Hours of Recordings

39 Speakers, 14 Hours of Recordings

 41 Speakers, 15 Hours of Recordings

Some popular sessions:
A Call to Action: Improving brain & mental health via digital platforms and neuroplasticity research, with Dr. Thomas Insel and others
Scaling up meditation and mindfulness via wellness programs and biofeedback sensors, with Ariel Garten and others
Best practices to assess and enhance brain function via mobile devices and wearables, with Dr. Corinna Lathan and others
How can front-line professionals incorporate the emerging brain health toolkit to their practices, with Dr. Catherine Madison and others

(Full Agenda here)

Some popular sessions:
How to measure and improve brain-based outcomes that matter in health care, with Dr. Randy McIntosh and others
At the frontier of Big Data and Brain Health, with Dr. Walter Greenleaf and others
Workshop: Best practices to navigate and implement the emerging brain health toolkit, with Kate Sullivan and others
How to harness neuroplasticity and digital tools to enhance work and life, with Brig. General Pete Palmer (Retired) and others
Under what conditions does brain training work, with Alvaro Fernandez and others

(Full Agenda here)

Some popular sessions:
Improve education, productivity and health via brain enhancement, with Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman and others
Taking cognitive/ emotional assessments and therapies to scale, with Dr. Eddie Martucci and others
Master the digital toolkit to harness lifelong neuroplasticity, with Dr. Michael Merzenich and others
Best practices to fund, develop and commercialize evidence-based innovation, with Dr. Margaret Grabb and others
Overview of the Mind Training Space, with Charlie Hartwell

(Full Agenda here)

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“I know of no better resource than the SharpBrains Summit to explore the latest and what’s next.” — Dr. Michael P. O’Donnell,  Editor-In-Chief of the Amer­i­can Jour­nal of Health Promotion

“A great way to gather current information on brain health from a variety of sources” — Dr. Catherine Madison, Direc­tor of the Ray Dolby Brain Health Cen­ter at Cal­i­for­nia Pacific Med­ical Center

“An impressive virtual convocation of leading scientists and developers and adopters of cognitive enhancement technology.” — Dr. Robert Bilder, Chief of Medical Psychology-Neuropsychology at UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience

“Kudos for such a fantastic conference. The discussion about human vs. artificial intelligence and ethics was especially exciting.” — Rajiv Pant, Chief Tech­nol­ogy Offi­cer of The New York Times

“I was impressed by the forward-looking yet practical discussion about enhancing human performance. A pleasure to be involved!” — Dr. Susan Jew­ell, Pres­i­dent of the Inter­na­tional Space Med­i­cine Consortium

“The SharpBrains Summit is unique in its impressive ability to unite a diverse collection of cutting-edge thinkers in a virtual conference that is shared globally without a hitch.” — Dr. Adam Gazzaley, Director of the Neuroscience Imaging Center at UCSF

“A perfect way to keep the pulse of 3 key innovation themes: mobile apps and wearables, consumer health, and applied neuroscience.” — Jack Young, Head of Qual­comm Life Fund

“The best brain conference available today.” — Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD, President of the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation