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Quick brain teaser to determine your stress levels


Are you ready for Mon­day and the new work­week? Here’s a quick test to assess your stress lev­els.

Please read this para­graph care­ful­ly before click­ing on the link below. The pic­ture below was used in a case study on stress lev­els at St. Jude’s Hos­pi­tal. Look at those two dol­phins jump­ing out of the water; they are iden­ti­cal. A recent sci­en­tif­ic study found that a per­son under much stress would find dif­fer­ences between the two iden­ti­cal dol­phins. The more dif­fer­ences one finds, the high­er the stress lev­el that per­son is expe­ri­enc­ing.

Ready? Now look at the pho­to­graph.

–> CLICK HERE to see the pic­ture


How did you do? Do you need a long vaca­tion or a good mas­sage?

Appar­ent­ly we all do…


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