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Jeff Bezos invests in digital mental health pioneer Mindstrong Health

6 Lit­tle-Known Star­tups Where Jeff Bezos Has Invest­ed Mil­lions (Inc.):

Jeff Bezos is not only the world’s rich­est man, he’s also a very smart investor. That’s espe­cial­ly true when he invests in star­tups. Over the past few years, he’s put mon­ey into sev­er­al new com­pa­nies that turned out to be phe­nom­e­nal­ly suc­cess­ful, includ­ing Airbnb, Uber, Gen­er­al Assem­bly, Maker­Bot, and Look­out.

Where is Bezos putting his mon­ey these days? Into a hand­ful of com­pa­nies you’ve prob­a­bly nev­er heard of. But chances are you will, espe­cial­ly now that they have the Ama­zon founder’s mon­ey and smarts back­ing them … These are some of his most recent invest­ments:

1. Mindstrong Health

In Decem­ber 2018, Mind­strong Health announced it had received Series B fund­ing from a group of investors, includ­ing Bezos Expe­di­tions. Mind­strong Health is an app designed to track users’ mood and cog­ni­tion, and iden­ti­fy ear­ly signs of depres­sion or oth­er men­tal health issues. MIT Tech­nol­o­gy Review described Mind­strong Health as “the smart­phone app that can tell you’re depressed before you know it your­self.”

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