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Quick brain teaser to start the week off on the right foot (and mind)


A blind beg­gar had a broth­er who died.

What rela­tion was the blind beg­gar to the broth­er who died?

Broth­er” is not the answer.


tick tick tick tick…

still work­ing on it?

This puz­zle is very sim­ple and yet stumps many who have not heard it before, because we tend to make an implic­it assump­tion about gen­der — in this case that a blind beg­gar is a man.

This puz­zle touch­es on ana­lyt­i­cal func­tions like abstract rea­son­ing, hypoth­e­sis test­ing and implic­it assump­tions, as well as your cre­ativ­i­ty in find­ing nov­el solu­tions to prob­lems and emo­tion­al mem­o­ry.

The blind beg­gar was the sis­ter of her broth­er, who died.

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