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Neurotech start-up Rythm raises $11 million more to develop and commercialize sleep-monitoring headband Dreem

Dreem machine: Rythm raises $11 million and launches $500 sleep-monitoring headband (VentureBeat)

“Founded out of France in 2014, Rythm is now based in San Francisco, where it has been working toward bringing its Dreem machine headband to market…In a nutshell, Rythm touts itself as a neurotechnology company that’s setting out to “enhance” your sleep, helping you “fall asleep faster, get deeper sleep, and wake up refreshed,” according to a company statement. The magical headband monitors and analyzes your brain activity and “acts” on your brain by emitting sounds to aid the sleeping process…

“Rythm started with one single idea — to monitor and influence brain activity based on auditory stimulation to enhance sleep quality,” said Rythm cofounder and CEO Hugo Mercier…Rythm also announced a funding round of $11 million today, which is in addition to the $11 million it raised last March and comes from billionaire French entrepreneur Xavier Niel, biotechnology doctor Laurent Alexandre, French insurance leader MAIF, and the French government-backed Innovation Commission 2030. The funding constitutes $9 million from private investors and $2.5 million from public grants.”

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