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Canadian teacher Maggie MacDonnell wins annual $1M Global Teacher Prize

Cana­di­an school teacher wins $1M glob­al teacher prize beat­ing out thou­sands of appli­cants (CBS News):

A Cana­di­an school teacher who encour­ages hope and acts of kind­ness in an iso­lat­ed cor­ner of Que­bec won a $1 mil­lion prize Sun­day in what has become one of the most high-pro­file awards for teach­ing excel­lence.

Mag­gie Mac­Don­nell was award­ed the annu­al Glob­al Teacher Prize…She has worked for the past six years in a remote Arc­tic vil­lage called Sal­luit teach­ing mid­dle and high schoolers…Her per­se­ver­ance to con­tin­ue teach­ing in the remote area, where many teach­ers leave their post mid­way through the year, made her a stand­out for the award. Mac­Don­nell cre­at­ed a num­ber of pro­grams for boys and girls, includ­ing job men­tor­ship and funds to assist with healthy meals. Her approach focus­es on encour­ag­ing “acts of kind­ness,” such as run­ning a com­mu­ni­ty kitchen and attend­ing sui­cide pre­ven­tion training…Among her many efforts, Mac­Don­nell also estab­lished a fit­ness cen­ter for youth and adults in the local com­mu­ni­ty, where drug use and alco­holism rates are high due to the region’s harsh win­ters and iso­la­tion.”

Here you can learn more about Maggie’s bio and work, and here you can learn more about the Top 10 Final­ists for the 2017 Glob­al Teacher Prize, all of whom deserve recog­ni­tion and praise.  Our very own CEO & Edi­tor-In-Chief Alvaro Fer­nan­dez was one of the Judges with the chal­leng­ing task of review­ing 10 fan­tas­tic can­di­dates and select­ing one win­ner.


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