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The future of personalized brain stimulation via enhanced cognitive-emotive profiles: Key neurotechnology patent #31

cognitive-emotive profiles

– Illus­tra­tive image from U.S. Patent No. 7,460,903

Today we high­light a fas­ci­nat­ing 2008 patent describ­ing how to com­bine a num­ber of neu­rotech­nolo­gies (EEG feed­back, TMS brain stim­u­la­tion, monitoring/ train­ing soft­ware) to help “upgrade” one’s cog­ni­tive-emo­tive pro­file.

U.S. Patent No. 7,460,903: Method and sys­tem for a real time adap­tive sys­tem for effect­ing changes in cog­ni­tive-emo­tive pro­files

  • Inventor(s): Jaime A. Pine­da, Bren­dan Z. Alli­son
  • Tech­nol­o­gy Cat­e­go­ry: Hybrid
  • Issue Date: Decem­ber 2, 2008

SharpBrains’ Take:

The ‘903 patent describes cou­pling neu­romon­i­tor­ing with brain activ­i­ty induc­ing tech­nolo­gies by com­bin­ing tech­niques includ­ing EEG brain­waves, TMS devices, and a set of soft­ware tools to enhance brain func­tion­al­i­ty in adap­tive and durable ways, via upgrad­ed indi­vid­ual cog­ni­tive-emo­tive pro­files. Some embod­i­ments are direct­ed towards wear­able, portable head­set ver­sions of the inven­tion. Despite what may be con­sid­ered to be a some­what short spec­i­fi­ca­tion com­pris­ing just five illus­tra­tion sheets and four pages of writ­ten mate­r­i­al, the inte­gra­tion of employed tech­nolo­gies to cre­ate a bi-direc­tion­al sys­tem and the poten­tial ben­e­fits of enhanced men­tal well-being and/or improved treat­ment of spe­cif­ic brain dis­or­ders were among the fac­tors that lead to mak­ing the ‘903 patent a key non-inva­sive neu­rotech­nol­o­gy patent.


A means and method for induc­ing a tem­po­rary phys­i­o­log­i­cal state-of-mind to effect per­sis­tent changes to the cog­ni­tive-emo­tive pro­file of an indi­vid­ual, which is adapt­able for neu­ro­feed­back and “men­tal-state” ther­a­peu­tic and non-ther­a­peu­tic inter­ven­tions. The sys­tem com­pris­es an EEG Record­ing Mod­ule (ERM), a Neu­ro­dy­nam­ics Assess­ment Mod­ule (“NAM”), and a Tran­scra­nial Mag­net­ic Stim­u­la­tion mod­ule (“TMS”) for acquir­ing and manip­u­lat­ing bio­elec­tri­cal and/or EEG data, defin­ing a cog­ni­tive-emo­tive pro­file, and map­ping the cog­ni­tive-emo­tive pro­file to selec­tive­ly con­trol tran­scra­nial mag­net­ic stim­u­la­tion to dri­ve ther­a­peu­tic and non-ther­a­peu­tic stim­u­lus inter­ven­tions. A bi-direc­tion­al feed­back fea­ture is pro­vid­ed to fur­ther enhance the per­for­mance of the sys­tem to effect pro­longed changes.

Illus­tra­tive Claim 17. A real time adap­tive sys­tem for effect­ing changes in the cog­ni­tive-emo­tive pro­files of an indi­vid­ual com­pris­ing:

  • sig­nal acqui­si­tion means for acquir­ing an elec­troen­cephalo­gram (EEG) sig­nal from the indi­vid­ual;
  • neu­ro­dy­nam­ics assess­ment means for ana­lyz­ing the EEG sig­nal to estab­lish a cog­ni­tive-emo­tive pro­file;
  • tran­scra­nial mag­net­ic stim­u­la­tion (TMS) means respon­sive to the cog­ni­tive-emo­tive pro­file to con­trol­lably deliv­er brain stim­u­la­tion to the indi­vid­ual and inter­ac­tive means for effect­ing per­sis­tent changes which out­last the stim­u­la­tion to the cog­ni­tive emo­tive pro­file and result in improve mem­o­ry func­tion or reduc­tion or elim­i­na­tion of symp­toms of ill­ness.

To learn more about mar­ket data, trends and lead­ing com­pa­nies in the dig­i­tal brain health space –dig­i­tal plat­forms for brain/ cog­ni­tive assess­ment, mon­i­tor­ing and enhance­ment– check out this mar­ket report. To learn more about our analy­sis of 10,000+ patent fil­ings, check out this IP & inno­va­tion neu­rotech report.

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