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deep-brain-stimulationNeu­rotech­nol­o­gy offers new solu­tions to treat­ing brain dis­eases (Dell Tech Cul­ture):

A new wave of med­ical tech­nolo­gies is chang­ing the way we approach study­ing the brain and treat­ing patients suf­fer­ing from neu­ro­log­i­cal dis­eases and men­tal ill­ness.

For peo­ple suf­fer­ing from Parkinson’s, epilep­sy, OCD and severe depres­sion, these tech­no­log­i­cal advance­ments are part­ing the sea of neu­rophar­ma­col­o­gy by offer­ing tar­get­ed, non­in­va­sive alter­na­tives to pills.

Drugs flat­ten your whole body,” said Thomas Knöpfel, chair of opto­ge­net­ics and cir­cuit neu­ro­science at Impe­r­i­al Col­lege of Lon­don. “You want to treat an organ, like the brain, but you also end up with recep­tors on your kid­neys and liv­er, and a lot of side effects…”

Both DBS (Deep Brain Stim­u­la­tion) and opto­ge­net­ics are far from per­fect tech­nolo­gies, but they are notable because their method of brain acti­va­tion presents an alter­na­tive to drug-cen­tric treat­ment plans.”

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