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Brain tech­nol­o­gy patents soar as com­pa­nies get inside peo­ple’s heads (Reuters):

From ways to eaves­drop on brains and learn what adver­tise­ments excite con­sumers, to devices that alle­vi­ate depres­sion, the num­ber of U.S. patents award­ed for “neu­rotech­nol­o­gy” has soared since 2010, accord­ing to an analy­sis released on Wednes­day.

That expan­sion into non-med­ical uses, said Sharp­Brains Chief Exec­u­tive Alvaro Fer­nan­dez, who pre­sent­ed the results at the Neu­roGam­ing con­fer­ence in San Fran­cis­co, shows we are at the dawn of “the per­va­sive neu­rotech­nol­o­gy age,” in which every­day tech­nolo­gies will be con­nect­ed to brains.

Neu­rotech has gone well beyond med­i­cine, with non-med­ical cor­po­ra­tions, often under the radar, devel­op­ing neu­rotech­nolo­gies to enhance work and life,” he said.

Patents for neu­rotech­nol­o­gy bumped along at 300 to 400 a year in the 2000s, then soared to 800 in 2010 and 1,600 last year, Sharp­Brains report­ed.”

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