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Brain Teaser: What “some kind of asset” are we talking about?

BrainFitnessTrajectoryAn excellent article at the Times, Who Gets to Graduate, explores new thinking and tools to help college students succeed. Towards the end of the quite long article the writer quotes researcher David Yeager as saying:

“What I like about these interventions is that the kids themselves make all the tough choices,” Yeager told me. “They deserve all the credit. We as interveners don’t. And that’s the best way to intervene. Ultimately a person has within themselves some kind of capital, some kind of asset, like knowledge or confidence. And if we can help bring that out, they then can carry that asset with them to the next difficulty in life.”

Let’s now test our cognitive ability. What exactly may that “some kind of capital, some kind of asset” be?

  • a) Your fingertips
  • b) Your heart
  • c) Your brain

Not that hard, right? The quote above captures well the opportunity we describe in The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness: how every person can (and should) invest in that amazing asset, our human brain, to maximize its lifelong brain fitness, or mental capital, trajectory. In doing so, we are more likely to succeed in the present and to be better prepared for the future, as shown in the image above.

You may now enjoy these Ten Habits of Highly Effec­tive Brains…especially this one:

  • “Don’t Outsource your Brain: Not to media per­son­al­i­ties, not to politi­cians, not to your smart neigh­bour… Make your own deci­sions, and mis­takes. And learn from them. That way, you are train­ing your brain, not your neighbour’s.”

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