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Who will be the personal brain trainers of the future?

brainBrain-fitness industry caters to worried boomers (Crain’s):

“Mr. Fernandez…compares the brain-fitness industry of today with the physical-fitness industry of half a century or more ago. Whereas once there were no health clubs or personal trainers, today they’re ubiquitous. “Who will be the personal brain trainers of the future?” he says. “Are they going to be doctors, life coaches, neuropsychologists? Will health clubs expand to incorporate brain fitness? Or will people go to separate facilities that specialize in keeping people’s brains sharp?”

Anecdotal evidence suggests demand for such services is growing. Diane Wilson, founder of Grimard Wilson Consulting, a Chicago practice offering career coaching, psychotherapy and neurotherapy, says about half her clients are mid-career professionals who “want to tap into ways of making their brain work more effectively. People are expected to multitask more in their jobs, and they feel under the gun.” …Sherrie All is owner and director of Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness in Evanston. “What I’ve seen in my work as a neuropsychologist is that a lot of people have stimulating jobs, so more mental stimulation is probably the last thing they need for brain wellness,” she says. “A lot of things in our lifestyle affect how our brains age.”

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