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On the perceived memory, cognitive benefits of playing casual video games

Bejeweled BlitzPsychologists Find the Perceived Benefits of Casual Video Games Among Adults (press release):

“New research from psychologists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst finds that while a majority of adults cite the ability to compete with friends as their primary reason for playing online casual video games, they report differing perceived benefits from playing the games based upon their age…In terms of perceived benefits, the youngest set of adults reported that playing the game helped them feel “sharper” and improved their memory, but the percentage of respondents claiming these benefits decrease with each subsequent age group. Instead, with each progressively older age group, the perceived age-sensitive cognitive function benefits of improved visuospatial ability and reaction time became more prominent.”

Survey: Reasons for Playing Casual Video Games and Perceived Benefits Among Adults 18 to 80 Years Old (requires subscription)

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