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USA Hockey uses cognitive training to enhance pattern recognition, game-intelligence

USAHockey_IntelliGymAsteroids on Ice: Video Game Helps Young Players Develop Skills (New York Times):

  • “Could a desktop computer game be what makes the young Americans so good?… “Work the brain; the science is there,” said Danton Cole, in his fourth season as the coach of USA Hockey’s U-18 team…For the past five seasons, USA Hockey has used IntelliGym, an Israeli-developed cognitive training program, to teach hockey sense and spatial awareness to its players in the national team development program and on its national youth teams.
  • “You have many objects around you, things are happening very fast; you need to respond; you need to have spatial awareness; you need to have very good anticipation; and you need more complex skills, like executive function in your brain and attention control,” said Danny Dankner, the chief executive of Applied Cognitive Engineering, the company that makes IntelliGym. “You can actually train your brain to do that, even in a very, very complex, challenging environment like a hockey game,” said Dankner, who added that the program was based on one used to train pilots in the Israeli air force, in which he served as an officer.

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