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Nebraska football team developing 10-minute concussion test

concussion_capNebras­ka to study con­cus­sions (ESPN):

…the day is com­ing when a foot­ball play­er who takes a hit to the head will come to the side­line, take off his hel­met and slip on an elec­trode-cov­ered mesh cap…The team’s med­ical staff will ana­lyze the player’s brain waves on the spot and deter­mine with­in min­utes whether he can safe­ly return to the game or whether he has sus­tained a con­cus­sion and, if so, how severe.

There’s no ques­tion it’s going to move the dial for­ward,” NCAA chief med­ical offi­cer Bri­an Hain­line said. “The big, hoped-for dream would be, let’s have a bio­mark­er in brain imag­ing. If you’re to the left of that, you’re safe; if you’re to the right of it, you’re not. That’s prob­a­bly a few years out. But func­tion­al brain imag­ing and blood flow are going to be a very impor­tant part of that.”

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