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Brain training and brain teasers are part of Novelty, Variety, Challenge

brainsBrain fitness can include playing training games on computers (Los Angeles Times):

“…Today, the term “fitness” is as likely to encompass the body as it is the mind…Fernandez says that the key components of any brain-training program are novelty, variety and challenge — factors that engage more areas of the brain and stimulate new brain connections. “If you’ve already [solved] 1 million crossword puzzles and you do one more, it’s routine. There will be no benefit. But if you play a new video game, it can be very beneficial to you.” (Editor’s note: needless to say, the reverse is also true. If you have already spent hundreds of hours playing videogames, perhaps it’s time for a tough crossword puzzle?)

“One of my main pieces of advice to older adults is to step out of your comfort zone in general,” says Gazzaley. “The brain responds to challenge, not to comfort. Travel to a new country, try to figure out a new currency and how not to get ripped off in the taxi. Learn a new language or new musical instrument.””

The article contains a nice side story, Brain teasers can help tease out how your brain works, linking to several fun brain teasers available in our site for adults and kids alike:

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