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Upcoming keynotes on boosting innovation & resilience; digital brain health

Quick heads-up: I’ll be delivering two keynote talks next week, one to senior HR executives, one to digital health pioneers. Since the first chapter of our new book is titled “START WITH THE BRAIN IN MIND,” we’re glad to see the growing interest in applied brain & cognitive science from a variety of perspectives!

Conference Board of CanadaKeynote: How Can We Invest in Our Brains to Boost Innovation and Resilience?

Hear from a leading expert about the importance of brain health on innovation, resilience and productivity. Our keynote speaker will share the latest research on brain functioning and applied neuroplasticity. What is the link between brain health, the capacity to innovate and to thrive in today’s workplace? What are the limits of the human brain? Can we train our brain to be more creative? What can we do in organizations to invest in our most precious human resource –our amazing brain– and boost innovation and resilience?

–> June 12th, Vic­to­ria, BC, Canada, at the Con­fer­ence Board’s Coun­cil of Human Resource Executives (open only to Council members)

digital health summitKeynote: I’ll Take Brain Health for $6 Billion

Brain health is a rapidly growing market and all digital health companies should be aware of the far-reaching impact this segment will have on the entire industry. Alvaro Fernandez, the CEO of the leading independent market research firm tracking health and wellness applications of brain science, will reveal a brand new market study and forecast on the digital brain health market for 2012-2020.

This market has expanded from what used to be only “brain fitness” to include web-based, mobile and biometrics-based technology to assess, monitor and enhance cognition and brain functioning. You will gain insights into the industries’ Ten Companies to Watch and actual forecasting areas of unparalleled growth for the whole industry.

–>June 14th, San Diego, at the Digital Health Summer Summit (Registration is still open)

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