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New Report: Human Enhancement and the Future of Work

Summary of the report just issued by The Royal Society in the UK: “Although the impact of human enhancement technologies has been widely debated, until now they have not been considered in terms of their impact upon the nature of work…the Academy of Medical Sciences, British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering and Royal Society came together to host a small policy-focused workshop that brought together policy-makers with leading experts…Starting the debate in this area, the workshop report explores how, although human enhancement technologies might aid society, their use could raise serious ethical, philosophical, regulatory and economic issues that will need further consideration. The greatest immediate challenges for regulators and other policy-makers will arise from the use of drugs and digital devices that enhance cognition. Dialogue with potential users and the wider stakeholder community, as well as studies and commissioned research, will be required to balance the risks and benefits of these technologies in the future workplace.”

  • To read key messages: click Here
  • To download full report: click Here

Image from the cover of Human Enhancement and the Future of Work.

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