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Monitoring EEG Brain Activity to Personalize Memory Training

San­dia shows mon­i­tor­ing brain activ­i­ty dur­ing study can help pre­dict test per­for­mance (press release):

The team mon­i­tored test sub­jects’ brain activ­i­ty while they stud­ied word lists, then used the EEG (elec­troen­cephalog­ra­phy) to pre­dict who would remem­ber the most infor­ma­tion. Because researchers knew the aver­age per­cent­age of cor­rect answers under var­i­ous con­di­tions, they had a base­line of what brain activ­i­ty looked like for good and poor mem­o­ry per­for­mance. The com­put­er mod­el pre­dict­ed five of 23 peo­ple test­ed would per­form best. The mod­el was cor­rect: They remem­bered 72 per­cent of the words on aver­age, com­pared to 45 per­cent for every­one else…The study, fund­ed under Sandia’s Lab­o­ra­to­ry Direct­ed Research and Devel­op­ment pro­gram (LDRD), had two parts: pre­dict­ing how well some­one will remem­ber what’s stud­ied and pre­dict­ing who will ben­e­fit most from mem­o­ry train­ing.”

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