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Cogmed JM/ RM/ QM: Brain Training Product Review Survey

As part of our ongoing market research we’d like to ask past and current users of Cogmed products to share their experience with us via this 3-question anonymous survey. Please take this survey if you have used a Cogmed product yourself or have seen someone else use it.

Take this 3-question Survey

Please note that we do not endorse this product (or any other) or any of the claims below. We independently track and analyze emerging brain/ cognitive science, technology and innovation, and their real-world applications. This survey helps us learn more about the latter.

Company name: Cogmed.

Company description (in their own words, in their own website): “Cogmed is the leader in evidence-based training solutions for improved cognitive performance. Cogmed creates, validates, and markets products for individuals of all age levels allowing them to unlock their natural cognitive abilities by training their brain. We believe that carefully designed, scientifically tested, and professionally supported cognitive training is transforming the way people of all abilities prepare for success. Cogmed plays a key role in this radical change in our understanding of how cognitive challenges can be overcome. The evidence-based cognitive training field is based on the principles of neuroplasticity.”

Main product name/s: Cogmed JM – for pre-schoolers; Cogmed RM – for school age; Cogmed QM – for adults.

Product description (in their own words, in their own website): “Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based solution for attention problems caused by poor working memory. Cogmed Working Memory Training is built around three age-specific software applications. Each program is proven to improve working memory and strengthen executive functions. The training consists of a specific set of working memory tasks that are performed on a computer, at school, at home, or the user’s place of choice, where the difficulty level is adjusted according to a highly sensitive and specific algorithm. Each user is required to complete eight exercises every day, taking about 30-45 minutes for the entire session. This is done for five days a week over five weeks. During training, the user’s performance is tracked online and can be viewed by the user and his/her Cogmed Coach who communicates with the user throughout the five weeks to assist him/her through the program. All the products share the same underlying design and algorithms – the differences are in the user interface.”

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