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Learning to Cope with Google/ Information Overload

Google changing how humans think (Canadian Business):

– “…the psychologists concluded that our reliance on the Internet has affected how we relate to information—instead of remembering the information itself, we just remember where to find it.”

– “While the move from knowing information to knowing where to find it has many benefits—including freeing up your brain for more reasoning and analytical thinking—there’s a downside too.”

– “To make sure you don’t fall prey to mistaking easily found facts for knowledge, founder Alvaro Fernandez recommends keeping a brain-fitness regimen. He suggests setting aside 20 minutes three times a week to exercise three core areas: attention, working memory and cognitive ability. “In one session do meditation, in one memorize some Mandarin characters, then do mental math in the third.”

– “As long as you keep your mind sharp, Fernandez doesn’t see danger in relying more on Google for hard facts. “Over time, IQ scores of people in their 50s and 60s are getting better,” he says. “The net effect is positive, but as individuals we need strategies to learn to cope.”

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