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Invitation for SharpBrains Summit Participants to Comment on Meeting Report and Join Council

Over 50 insightful and fun members of the worldwide SharpBrains community had the opportunity to gather in DC, New York and San Francisco last month in order to meet in person -often for the first time!- and to discuss next steps to drive meaningful innovation in the brain health and fitness space.

It is our pleasure to invite SharpBrains Summit participants to contribute to, and to learn from, this growing network, by asking them to please:

1) Join SharpBrains Council for Brain Fitness Innovation, a global cross-sector resource and community for innovators & decision-makers, on a complimentary basis before December 31st, 2011 (we are waiving annual membership fees for the first year to SharpBrains Summit participants).

In order to join, please Contact Us indicating the email address you used to register to the Summit (so we can verify participation).

2) Comment on the Draft Meeting Report prepared by six participants in the 2011 SharpBrains Summit, representing a variety of perspectives (Intel Corporation, Simon Fraser University, ProGevity Neuroscience, Case Western University, SharpBrains). Let me share here a brief summary of the more comprehensive Draft Meeting Report you can discuss via the Council’s Forum section before 12/31:

The 2011 SharpBrains Virtual Summit brought together more than 260 research, technology and industry innovators in 17 countries for 3 days to discuss the rapidly evolving developments in science, technology and policy for lifelong brain health. A number of important themes emerged from the talks and discussions, including potential approaches to developing a rich digital toolkit to monitor and maintain cognitive and emotional health, the need for innovative cross-sector partnerships and the urgency of scaling up solution to address growing societal needs. Also discussed were required scientific frameworks, marketing standards, analysis of latent consumer demands, and methods to disseminate and discuss timely information and analysis – such as virtual conferences to bring together multiple stakeholders to enable cross-sector collaboration and foster innovation. Global priorities such as optimizing cognitive and emotional health across the lifespan provide a compelling reason to innovate about the process of innovation itself, pooling the efforts of hundreds of pioneers across the traditional silos of geography, sector and profession. Virtual conferences can enable successful distributed collaboration when they focus on appropriate use of the digital medium, deliver a clear value proposition to participants and prioritize ease of technical access.

3) To learn more about the SharpBrains Council, and to Sign in if you are already a Member, please click Here.

4) Cur­rent Coun­cil Mem­bers include pioneers at the following organizations: AAA Foun­da­tion for Dri­ving Safety, AARP, Accen­ture, Age Mat­ters Clinic, Arrow­smith Program, Alzheimer’s Asso­ci­a­tion, Alpert Med­ical School of Brown University, Bay­crest, Brain Resource, Bright­Star Learn­ing, Ltd., Case West­ern Reserve University, Chor­at­ech, Cogmed, Cog­nic­iti, Cog­niFit, CFIT, Colum­bia University, Har­vard Med­ical School, LEAF Ltd., Mem­ory Train­ing Cen­ters of America, Mon­te­fiore Med­ical Center, MaRS, Ore­gon Health & Sci­ence University, Oak­land Uni­fied School District, Proac­tive Age­ing Pty Ltd, Pear­son, Posit Sci­ence, ProG­evity Neuroscience, Saint Luke’s Health System, SCAN Health Plan, SAR Foun­da­tion, Simon Fraser University, The Neu­roDe­vel­op­ment Center, The Synapse Connection, UCLA Semel Institute, UCSF, Uni­ver­sity Behav­ioral Health Care, Uni­ver­sity of South­ern Cal­i­for­nia Insti­tute for Cre­ative Technologies, Uni­ver­sity of South­ern California, Uni­ver­sity of Berke­ley Life­long Learn­ing Institute, Uni­ver­sity of British Colum­bia National Core for Neuroethics, The Uni­ver­sity of Toledo, Wal­ter Reed Army Med­ical Center.

Please note that the SharpBrains Council is designed to facilitate high-quality information sharing and connections among professionals. Before posting anything, please consider how other innovators and decision-makers in the field will benefit from what you are sharing. We all want to track and discuss new research, new tools, new services, new best practices, new needs, interesting case studies and developments…but irrelevant, fact-free or overtly self-promotional content will be flagged and deleted, and repeat offenders will lose membership status.

We look forward to meeting many of you over at!

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