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Study Links Obesity and Cognitive Fitness – In Both Directions

Obesity linked to Cognition (HealthCanal):

– “Obese people tend to perform worse than healthy people at cognitive tasks like planning ahead, a literature review has found, concluding that psychological techniques used to treat anorexics could help obese people too.”

– “According to a review of 38 studies on cognitive function and obesity by researchers from the University of NSW, obese people have a tendency toward “reduced executive function”, meaning planning, goal-oriented behaviour and decision-making.”

– “Obesity may both cause and be caused by the reduced executive function, said review lead author Dr Evelyn Smith, from UNSW’s School of Psychiatry.”

To read article: click Here.

To access study: Click on A review of the association between obesity and cognitive function across the lifespan: implications for novel approaches to prevention and treatment.

To read related interview: click on Dr. Judith Beck on Training Your Brain to Think like a Thin Person.

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  1. bilgi says:

    Obesity is the biggest health problem in the world. I think obesity is dangerous than cancer.

  2. Obesity may be as dangerous as cancer, but apparently it makes you not that smart as well, so at least you wouldn’t care 🙂

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