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What kind of attention is involved in ADHD?

An excel­lent arti­cle by the Dana Foun­da­tion clar­i­fies what the “Real Deficit in Atten­tion Deficit/Hyperactivity Dis­or­der” is. Thank you to John from our Sharp­Brains’ group in LinkedIn for point­ing it out.

Among oth­er things, this arti­cle shows you that atten­tion is more com­plex than you prob­a­bly thought:

Sci­en­tists have iden­ti­fied at least three major com­po­nents of atten­tion that are served by dis­crete but inte­gral­ly con­nect­ed neur­al net­works. The “alert­ing net­work” .… The “ori­ent­ing network”.…executive atten­tion.….

And that there is more than one expla­na­tion offered for the deficits observed in chil­dren with ADHD:

Var­i­ous oth­er hypothe­ses have emerged recent­ly in the ADHD lit­er­a­ture .… Each of these the­o­ries offers tan­ta­liz­ing clues about what might be going wrong in the brains of chil­dren with ADHD, but they do not answer all of the ques­tions.

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