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FAQ about SharpBrains Council for Brain Fitness Innovation

We have received many good questions about the new SharpBrains Council for Brain Fitness Innovation – below you have some answers.

Question: We are based in Asia/ Australia/ Europe. Will time differences prevent us from participating in monthly briefings and benefiting from the Council?

Answer: We will do our best to facilitate a truly global community and exchange. Please consider that…

  1. we will schedule monthly briefings at 2 separate times, one at 9am US Pacific Time, the other at 4pm US Pacific Time, both covering the same topic (but perhaps with different guest speakers). And briefings will be recorded.
  2. most activities and resources are asynchronous anyway. Our market intelligence reports and other materials are available via this members-only online community 24/7, same as online discussion forums, focused groups to track/ discuss specific topics, the ability to ask questions to and connect with other members…

Question: Will something change regarding blog and monthly newsletter, which are great free resources?

Answer: We plan to  maintain those free resources, focusing on content of a general interest for everyone with a brain. The Council’s purpose is to create a new valuable in-depth resource and community for professionals and organizations active with brain fitness initiatives, so we can all learn and share during the year, and help the field mature. That will include a new members-only newsletter just focused on industry/ professional topics, among many other benefits.

Question: I have a huge personal/ professional interest on the topic, but my organization is not really active in the field. May I join?

Answer: the Council wouldn’t be a good match for you at this point. We have designed it for professionals and organization with budget for innovative brain health/ fitness activities, and the annual membership fees reflect this.  Our book The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness ($19.95) may be the best resource for others for the time being.

Question: Will the Council focus only on aging and Alzheimer’s topics or cover a range of mental health and brain wellness topics?

Answer: we are building the Council platform and community on top of SharpBrains’ market research tracking new research and non-invasive tools to assess, enhance and repair cognition across the lifepan. Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease are indeed two very important topics for the Council, but we will cover and discuss a much wider range, led by the interests of Council members. For example, existing members have already expressed interest in implications and tools related to corporate training and wellness, public perception and ethical implications of different types of cognitive enhancement, setting up multiple brain fitness centers, using automated neuropsych assessments, helping children with learning disabilities and military veterans with PTSD/TBI/MTB.

Question: Can you give me a sense of who is joining the Council?

Answer: we will be able to share more information during the month of October, but we already have interest from innovators at AARP, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Baycrest, Saint Luke’s Health System, Harvard Medical School, CogniFit, Posit Science, SBT/HappyNeuron, Choratech, National Core for Neuroethics, among others.

Question: What is the difference between the executive and the organizational membership?

Answer: As mentioned above, both are aimed at professionals whose organizations are active in the field. The Executive Membership gives one person, the Council Member, access to all benefits described here, which we can summarize as: a) in-depth and ongoing market intelligence, starting with SharpBrains’ 2010 market report, b) learning and sharing with colleagues and partners through the year, via our new member-only online platform and monthly calls.

The Organizational Membership allows up to five individuals to participate, and recognizes the organization as a Silver Sponsor to the 2011 SharpBrains Summit (dates TBD, last year it gathered over 40 speakers and 250 participants in 16 countries). Up to 5 individuals (4 of them employees, 1 can be non-employee) can access the same benefits as executive members. Additionally, the Silver Sponsorship Package (same 2010 benefits detailed here) brings the following benefits:

  • Logo, description and link in conference website
  • 30-minute Product demo during Expo Day (optional)
  • Official listing in all conference materials, including Summit program book
  • SharpBrains press, marketing, and public relations outreach
  • 2 complimentary conference passes

Finally, we also offer a limited number of complimentary Academic Memberships to scientists with a distinguished and relevant publication track record who engage in our research exchange program.

Question: How does the process work?

Answer: Once you receive your invitation and we process your annual membership fees, you will get immediate access to the members-only online community where you can access resources such as our 2010 market and innovation report, learn about upcoming calls (which start in October), and interact with other members.

Question: Does becoming a Council member bring with it much work?

Answer: Not at all. We have designed the Council so that it becomes a resource, not a burden, to members. You can mostly absorb information, or actively generate and contribute to the conversation. Having said that, the more you put in, the more you’ll probably get out.

To learn more and Request an Invitation:  SharpBrains Council for Brain Fitness Innovation.

To access Council (member-only community): Here.

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