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Brain Teasers on Brain Training/ Games for Health Conference

Given the whole distracting “controversy” of whether Nintendo Brain Age “works” or not, I have started to use the following “brain teasers” in my talks in order to help the audience gain a more useful perspective of what is going on. They worked great both in the Medicare Readmissions Summit in DC a few weeks ago, and at the Games for Heath Conference last week.

Q: How many soldiers in the US Army have gone through computerized cognitive testing before being deployed, and why?
A: Over 150,000, in order to establish an objective starting baseline and identify potential Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) problems upon their return.

Q: How big is the ongoing investment by OptumHealth, a division of UnitedHealth Group (UNH), in developing computerized cognitive assessments to inform clinical decision-making?
A: over $6m.

Q: How many Allstate policy-holders over the age of 50 have received a computerized cognitive training program to improve their driving safety?
A: Over 8,000, in the state of Pennsylvania.

Q: How many residential communities are offering computerized cognitive training programs to their residents?
A: Over 700, in the US alone, covering independent and assisted living.

Q: How much money has the Government of Ontario invested in setting up a new Centre for Brain Fitness as part of Baycrest research center in order to develop and commercialize technologies to assess and enhance cognitive functions?
A: $10m, matched with another 10m from local investors.

For more on our Cognitive Health Track at Games for Health Conference last week, see this USA Today article:

More doctor’s prescriptions may include brain games to improve mental acuity

(pretty good overall, but please note that SharpBrains didn’t organize the whole conference, “only” the cognitive health track, which was a lot of stimulating fun. Ben Sawyer and team did overall conference).

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