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Hourglass: Biology of Aging blog carnival

Welcome to the 8th edition of Hourglass, the blog carnival devoted to biogerontology. Enjoy!

Use It or Lose It

Existence is Wonderful,
by Anne C.
Neither A Transhumanist Nor a “Pessimist”, And That’s Okay
“I can’t survive cognitively in environments that force everything into false dichotomies, and nobody should feel hurt, slighted, or bitter because of my doing what I need to do for the sake of being able to actually use my brain.”
“Just because I think superlativity tends to distort dialogue and make it difficult to focus on what can actually be done in the real world does not mean I disparage the power of human imagination or our capacity to change things for the better.”

Cognitive Enhancement, Health and Assessments

by Chris Patil
Better thinking through chemistry
“I suspect that the structure of arguments about cognitive enhancement will mirror those of future debates regarding lifespan extension.”
Fight Aging,

by “Reason”

A View of the Enhancement Debate
“A great many people grow up with what they know – having things far better than their parents, despite the efforts of past luddites who strived to block advancements – and then spend the rest of their lives fighting against visionaries who are trying to make things even better.”
by Alvaro Fernandez
Ten Reflections on Cognitive Health and Assessments
“Cognitive health is a critical factor in overall healthcare, but is often approached in a fragmented, non-systematic way. We lack of a common framework and taxonomy to define the problem and identify solutions and interventions to measure and help maintain cognitive health across the lifespan.”

The Benefits of Caloric Restriction

Not Rocket Science,
by Ed Yong

Low-calorie diets improve memory in old age
“Witte found that elderly people who slash the calories in their diet by 30% were better able to remember lists of words than people who stuck to their normal routine. It’s the first experiment to show that cutting calories can improve human memory at an age when declining memory is par for the course.”
Brain Health Hacks,

by Ward Plunet

Do longevity treatments make you more social?
“A new paper by Govic et al found that 3 weeks of calorie restriction (they tested 25% and 50%) increased social behavior.” (In rats, at least.)
Weekly Adventures,
by Liz
CR in the news
“Yes- it is difficult to give up foods you love. No, you can not eat as many greasy foods as you may want. But if you look at my records, I eat hamburgers, french fries, I drink beer and wine, I even eat doughnuts!”

Dementia Research and Lewy Bodies

by Laura Kilarski

A short Intro to Dementia with Lewy bodies
“Until the mid 80s Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) was thought to be rare, but it is now recognized to be the most common type of dementia following Alzheimer’s disease (AD).”

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