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Neuroscience Core Concepts: What is “It” in Use It or Lose It?

We all have heard “Use It or Lose It”. Now, what is “It”? how does “it” work? why is “it” our best (and too often unrec­og­nized) friend?

The Soci­ety for Neu­ro­science (SfN) has just released a user-friend­ly pub­li­ca­tion titled Neu­ro­science Core Con­cepts, aimed at help­ing edu­ca­tors and the gen­er­al pub­lic learn more about the brain.

Descrip­tion: “Neu­ro­science Core Con­cepts offer fun­da­men­tal prin­ci­ples that one should know about the brain and ner­vous sys­tem, the most com­plex liv­ing struc­ture known in the uni­verse. They are a prac­ti­cal resource about:

  • - How your brain works and how it is formed.
  • - How it guides you through the changes in life.
  • - Why it is impor­tant to increase under­stand­ing of the brain.”

You will enjoy read­ing the web page explain­ing in detail 8 Neu­ro­science Core Con­cepts:

1| The brain is the body’s most com­plex organ.

2| Neu­rons com­mu­ni­cate using both elec­tri­cal and chem­i­cal sig­nals.

3| Genet­i­cal­ly deter­mined cir­cuits are the foun­da­tion of the ner­vous sys­tem.

4| Life expe­ri­ences change the ner­vous sys­tem.

5| Intel­li­gence aris­es as the brain rea­sons, plans, and solves prob­lems.

6| The brain makes it pos­si­ble to com­mu­ni­cate knowl­edge through lan­guage.

7| The human brain endows us with a nat­ur­al curios­i­ty to under­stand how the world works.

8| Fun­da­men­tal dis­cov­er­ies pro­mote healthy liv­ing and treat­ment of dis­ease.

Page: Neu­ro­science Core Con­cepts

You can also Down­load Neu­ro­science Core Con­cepts (PDF, 6 MB), and edu­ca­tors can request a free hard­copy by email­ing

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