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Neuroscience Core Concepts: What is “It” in Use It or Lose It?

We all have heard “Use It or Lose It”. Now, what is “It”? how does “it” work? why is “it” our best (and too often unrecognized) friend?

The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) has just released a user-friendly publication titled Neuroscience Core Concepts, aimed at helping educators and the general public learn more about the brain.

Description: “Neuroscience Core Concepts offer fundamental principles that one should know about the brain and nervous system, the most complex living structure known in the universe. They are a practical resource about:

  • – How your brain works and how it is formed.
  • – How it guides you through the changes in life.
  • – Why it is important to increase understanding of the brain.”

You will enjoy reading the web page explaining in detail 8 Neuroscience Core Concepts:

1| The brain is the body’s most complex organ.

2| Neurons communicate using both electrical and chemical signals.

3| Genetically determined circuits are the foundation of the nervous system.

4| Life experiences change the nervous system.

5| Intelligence arises as the brain reasons, plans, and solves problems.

6| The brain makes it possible to communicate knowledge through language.

7| The human brain endows us with a natural curiosity to understand how the world works.

8| Fundamental discoveries promote healthy living and treatment of disease.

Page: Neuroscience Core Concepts

You can also Download Neuroscience Core Concepts (PDF, 6 MB), and educators can request a free hardcopy by emailing

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