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MetaCarnival: A Carnival of Blog Carnivals

If you are a blogger or read blogs often, you know that there are a good number of excellent blog carnivals focused on specific themes. If you are interested in medicine, you know what carnival to visit. Education, the same. Biology, neuroscience, nursing, birds, aging, philosophy…a variety of topics are very well covered in the blogosphere.

What you probably haven’t come across is a high-quality “metacarnival” or “carnival of carnivals”, where you can read the best blog posts ACROSS topics, subjects, disciplines.

This is why a few blog carnival “organizers” are launching next Monday a monthly rotating “MetaCarnival” to feature the most interesting posts from a variety of high-quality blog carnivals.

Participating blog carnivals so far, alphabetically:

Carnival of the Blue: oceans,

Change of Shift: nursing,

Encephalon: neuroscience and psychology,

Four Stone Hearth: anthropology,

Gene Genie: human genetics and personalized medicine,

Hourglass: biology of aging,

I and the Bird: yes, birds,

Medicine 2.0: web 2.0 technologies for healthcare,

Praxis: academic life,

SurgeXperiences: surgical experiences.

Basically, participating blog carnival “owners” will send the host of each MetaCarnival edition their respective 1-2 Picks of the Month, selected among the blog posts that have been published in a recent edition of their carnivals.

– Criteria for participating carnivals: well-maintained, rotating, with regular contributors and editions, good presentation, good posts.

– Criteria for posts to be included in the Meta carnival: submitted by organizers of those high-quality carnivals, the posts should not only be good but also attractive to a wide audience beyond our respective fields, perhaps linked to mainstream news, perhaps building bridges across fields, perhaps simply fascinating.

– Mechanics: we are thinking about publishing the MetaCarnival the last Monday of each month, so the first one will be next Monday, October 27th, hosted here in SharpBrains. Hosting rotates among participants. We already have hosts for the first few editions.

Your feedback? can you suggest a better name? what image should we use to represent the MetaCarnival? any other suggestions?

Note: I want to recognize Bora for his advice, inspiration and help in setting this up.

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  1. Doc Robbins says:

    I love your idea for a MetaCarnival. I am interested in a wide range of subjects, not the least of which is brain development. Any and all things dedicated to brain improvement, especially for late-bloomers, I have appetite for. I’d like to contribute, if possible.

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