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Gerontology and the Brain

Last Friday, during the American Society on Aging’s Brain Health day, a participant made a comment along the lines, “I just completed my Masters in Gerontology at University XYZ. Despite my best efforts, I could not find a single brain-related class to attend as part of my studies. Which is why I decided to come to a conference like this”.

Incredible that this happens in 2008, a decade after the “Decade of the Brain”.

Healthcare and cognitive science seem to have inhabited different universes for too long. I hope we start to see more active cross-pollination between both fields. Gerontology would be a great place to start, given the growing demand for preventive programs to contribute to the cognitive health of an aging population.

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  1. Alvaro,

    After years of working to create “interdisciplinary” dialogue within undergrad and grad programs, and in light of the low public attendance at the UCLA Anti-Aging Friday forum offered this summer, I’m not surprised by the Gerontology students claim.

    I will write to you under separate cover, how I think we as a budding brain empowerment community can speak to the issue.

    M. A. Greenstein, Ph.D., R.Y.T.
    The George Greenstein Institute for the Advancement of Somatic Arts and Science

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