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What is Brain Fitness, anyway?

Vijay, one of our readers, wrote yesterday a very thoughtful comment :

“What is brain fitness and how it is measured? Is it the same as mind fitness which seeks to achieve balance in life?”

I am curious to learn how you would answer that question. I will add my perspective over the weekend, since I don’t want to bias your thoughts now.

What is brain fitness and how it is measured?

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  1. M.A. Greenstein says:

    Vijay: Great question, as the term fitness presumes the logics of comparison and relativism. As well, it is a word that carries with it the presumptions of 19th century Darwinian evolution. It might be worth situating the question within a systems framework such that the inquiry is made relevant to the context. Fitness in what time and space? For what task? Relative to what neural functions of the brain?

    Neuroscientists, what say you?

  2. Karen says:

    the general state of good, sharp, brain and mind, especially as the result of mental and physical exercise and proper nutrition.

  3. In our view, “Brain Fitness” means the set of brain-based cognitive and emotional skills that enable an individual to properly function in his or her environment.

    They are measured with neuropsychological assessments.

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