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Neuroscience Q&A: Encephalon #52

Chris hosts a superb edition of Encephalon, presenting the articles as an engaging and pretty comprehensive Q&A session. If you want to read the answers, to the questions below, by some of the best neuroscience and psychology bloggers, simply visit Encephalon 52: Q&A.

Q: What is the relationship between neurogenesis and depression?

Q: For that matter, is there a relationship between depression and diabetes?

Q: What is the molecular basis of bipolar disorder?

Q: Can brain stimulation make you a better driver?

Q: What is the perceptual defect underlying tone deafness?

Q: What determines plasticity in the visual cortex?

Q: Can we do anything to control our own brain’s plasticity?

Q: Are concepts encoded in single neurons?

Q: Speaking of dear old granny, how are social attachments encoded in the brain?

Q: Should you smoke pot? (Actually: What are the effects of the various active ingredients in cannabis?)

Q: Does culture determine the neural substrates of cognition?

Q: Why do we sleep?

Q: Is there a correlation between the percent coverage of women’s bodies by clothes, and the hours of coverage they receive on television? If so, is that correlation positive or negative?

Again, answers to those questions at Encephalon 52: Q&A.

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