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Neuroscience Q&A: Encephalon #52

Chris hosts a superb edi­tion of Encephalon, pre­sent­ing the arti­cles as an engag­ing and pret­ty com­pre­hen­sive Q&A ses­sion. If you want to read the answers, to the ques­tions below, by some of the best neu­ro­science and psy­chol­o­gy blog­gers, sim­ply vis­it Encephalon 52: Q&A.

Q: What is the rela­tion­ship between neu­ro­ge­n­e­sis and depres­sion?

Q: For that mat­ter, is there a rela­tion­ship between depres­sion and dia­betes?

Q: What is the mol­e­c­u­lar basis of bipo­lar dis­or­der?

Q: Can brain stim­u­la­tion make you a bet­ter dri­ver?

Q: What is the per­cep­tu­al defect under­ly­ing tone deaf­ness?

Q: What deter­mines plas­tic­i­ty in the visu­al cor­tex?

Q: Can we do any­thing to con­trol our own brain’s plas­tic­i­ty?

Q: Are con­cepts encod­ed in sin­gle neu­rons?

Q: Speak­ing of dear old granny, how are social attach­ments encod­ed in the brain?

Q: Should you smoke pot? (Actu­al­ly: What are the effects of the var­i­ous active ingre­di­ents in cannabis?)

Q: Does cul­ture deter­mine the neur­al sub­strates of cog­ni­tion?

Q: Why do we sleep?

Q: Is there a cor­re­la­tion between the per­cent cov­er­age of women’s bod­ies by clothes, and the hours of cov­er­age they receive on tele­vi­sion? If so, is that cor­re­la­tion pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive?

Again, answers to those ques­tions at Encephalon 52: Q&A.

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