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Scientific American Mind Promotion offer

One of our favorite popular science publications is Scientific American Mind, a magazine that always brings good articles on brain & mind issues and some fun teasers.

Scientific American Mind
We are therefore pleased that Scientific American is offering a Special Partnership offer for SharpBrains readers: a subscription to Scientific American Mind magazine, at 55% off the cover price. Plus, they offer an exclusive gift for new subscribers: a special publication on Secrets of the Expert Mind.

You can click Here to learn more about this offer.

Description: SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN MIND is a new magazine from the editors of Scientific American – taking readers inside the most riveting breakthroughs in psychology, neuroscience and related fields.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN MIND investigates, analyzes and reveals new thinking on:

  • – Dreaming and Consciousness
  • – Intelligence and Cognition
  • – Imagination and Emotions
  • – Depression and Mental Illness
  • – Perception and Understanding

The website for the magazine, where you can check out some past issues, is Here.

You can benefit from the special offer for SharpBrains readers by clicking Here.

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