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Update: The Future of Brain Assessments

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News and Analysis

Computerized Cognitive Assessments: opportunities and concerns: health companies and the military are starting to use new tools to assess brain functions in contexts that neither neuroimaging nor traditional neuropsychological testing can reach. This is a critical piece of the brain fitness puzzle that is worth keeping track of, full of opportunities, but also privacy concerns.

Cognitive Health News Roundup: recent news covering studies on mental training and DNA, on nutrition and the brain, and more.


Improve Memory with Sleep, Practice, and Testing: There are whole markets (think crossword puzzles, herbal supplements, drugs, brain fitness software, etc.) aimed at helping us improve our memory. Now, what is “memory”? how does the process of memory work? Dr. Bill Klemm, Professor of Neuroscience at Texas A&M University, explains the very important concept of “consolidation.”

Brain Science: “Brain Rules” Podcast We are fans of the Brain Science Podcast series hosted by Ginger Campbell. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Campbell will start offering SharpBrains´ readers, periodically, the highlights of her most interesting podcasts. Featured here is her interview with John Medina.

PBS: Secret Life of the Brain and Neuroplasticity: We just watched a very nice PBS series titled The Secret Life of the Brain, that covers brain development accross the lifespan: babies, kids, teenagers, adults, seniors. It is a bit dated (2002) but is excellent watching even today.

Education and Learning

10 Brain Tips To Teach and Learn: “If you agree that our brains are designed for learning, then as educators it is incumbent upon us to be looking for ways to maximize the learning process for each of our students, as well as for ourselves,” writes educator Laurie Bartels. We hope you enjoy her first contribution to SharpBrains as much as we do.

When Empathy moves us to Action-By Daniel Goleman: In this column, Daniel Goleman outlines some very important distinctions brought forth by Paul Ekman: what is cognitive vs. emotional vs. compassionate empathy?.

Brain Teasers

Brain Teasers to Exercise Our Minds: Our Top Five: Here you have 4 of the most popular brain games in our blog, plus a bonus stress management tip.

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