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Encephalon Blog Carnival: Second Season

What were you doing on August 26th, 2006? That day, Mo, the blogger behind ScienceBlogs’ Neurophilosophy, launched the Encephalon blog carnival to present, every other week, a selection of the best neuroscience and psychology blog posts on brain and mind.

It has been one of the most stimulating blog carnivals ever since, and we are honored to continue the tradition. Today we are proud to announce…

A neuroscience blog carnival- Second SeasonCajal, neurons, encephalon

Main Entry: encephlon
Pronunciation: in
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural encephla /-l&/
Etymology: New Latin, from Greek enkephalos
:the vertebrate brain

Next editions

1. February 18th, 2008: SharpBrains
2. March 3rd, 2008: Mind Hacks
3. March 17th, 2008: Pure Pedantry
4. March 31st, 2008: Of Two Minds
5. April 14th, 2008: Neurophilosophy
5. April 28th, 2008: Cognitive Daily

If you’d like to contribute, send an email with links to up to 3 blog posts to encephalon{dot}host{at}gmail{dot}com.

The new “home page” for the carnival is: Encephalon Blog Carnival. We will update there the calendar for future editions, and link to newly published editions.


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