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Gratitude and Appreciation: from Theory to Practice

Appreciation, GratitudePsy­chol­o­gist Robert Emmons recent­ly told us about the many ben­e­fits of prac­tic­ing grat­i­tude.

- “First, the prac­tice of grat­i­tude can increase hap­pi­ness lev­els by around 25%. Sec­ond, this is not hard to achieve — a few hours spent writ­ing a grat­i­tude jour­nal over 3 weeks can cre­ate an effect that lasts 6 months if not more. Third, that cul­ti­vat­ing grat­i­tude brings oth­er health effects, such as longer and bet­ter qual­i­ty sleep time.”

Thanks­giv­ing flew by for me this year with­out my tak­ing the time to express grat­i­tude to many of the peo­ple who have been so gen­er­ous with their time and advice.

Giv­en that this is a blog, I would like to say Thank You! to the fol­low­ing blog­gers

*Zack at Brain Waves for sug­gest­ing launch­ing a blog to share thoughts and impres­sions on our grow­ing field.

*Brett at Trader­Feed for his amaz­ing insight and inspi­ra­tion to do one’s best.

*Senia at Pos­i­tive Psy­chol­o­gy Coach­ing for her con­stant sup­port, when­ev­er need­ed, and many times unex­pect­ed, yet always wel­come.

*Mo at Neu­rophi­los­o­phy for sub­mit­ting some of our posts to blog car­ni­vals before we even knew what these were…

*Bora at for A Blog Around The Clock for his amaz­ing ener­gy and open mind.

*ilk­er at The Think­ing Blog for help­ing us learn how to nav­i­gate social book­mark­ing sites.

*Ina­ki at Sare­links (in Span­ish) for help­ing me deal with many technical/ plat­form deci­sions.

How you can show grat­i­tude to oth­er blog­gers who have been help­ful to you:

1. Sim­ply tag 7 oth­er blog­gers, writ­ing a Thank You post like this one. The more spe­cif­ic you are on why you appre­ci­ate their sup­port, the more they will enjoy read­ing about it.
2. You then email them to say they have been tagged.

If you are not a blog­ger, sim­ply think of 7 peo­ple who have been nice to you, and call them to say Thank You dur­ing the upcom­ing hol­i­days.

Enjoy this belat­ed burst of “Thanks­giv­ing”!

Cred­it for pic: jef­f­clow via flickr

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8 Responses

  1. Valentin Ivan says:

    Thank you! I am real­ly grate­ful to you to remind me about that.

  2. Bora says:

    Thank you so much! That is so kind of you to say!


  3. Zack says:

    Thanks Alvaro!

    Hap­py hol­i­days to you. It’s great to see the neu­rosoft­ware space tak­ing off like it is. I think you are very well posi­tioned in this grow­ing space.

  4. Thanks Alvaro. I’m tru­ly hum­bled.

  5. Thank you so much, Alvaro! This is such a kind, won­der­ful thing to hear.

    I’ve been a fan of what you and your col­leagues are doing here at Sharp­Brains. I think what you’re doing is super-fun (learn­ing about the brain and how to stay brain-young), and real­ly valu­able.

    Thank you so much for the link. I agree with Ilk­er. I am hum­bled.

  6. Alvaro says:

    Valentin: wel­come to our site! Thank you for your note.

    Bora, Zack, ilk­er, Senia: what can we say, the plea­sure is ours. Your help has been great, and deserved a moment of appre­ci­a­tion!

  7. Bill says:

    Thank you for writ­ing about this. I say this to my clients all the time. It’s nice to direct them to this blog so they hear it from some­one else too!

    Bill Yea­ger

  8. Alvaro says:

    Hel­lo Bill, I hope your clients find the site use­ful. Please let us know any feed­back you have or hear!

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