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Gratitude and Appreciation: from Theory to Practice

Appreciation, GratitudePsychologist Robert Emmons recently told us about the many benefits of practicing gratitude.

– “First, the practice of gratitude can increase happiness levels by around 25%. Second, this is not hard to achieve – a few hours spent writing a gratitude journal over 3 weeks can create an effect that lasts 6 months if not more. Third, that cultivating gratitude brings other health effects, such as longer and better quality sleep time.”

Thanksgiving flew by for me this year without my taking the time to express gratitude to many of the people who have been so generous with their time and advice.

Given that this is a blog, I would like to say Thank You! to the following bloggers

*Zack at Brain Waves for suggesting launching a blog to share thoughts and impressions on our growing field.

*Brett at TraderFeed for his amazing insight and inspiration to do one’s best.

*Senia at Positive Psychology Coaching for her constant support, whenever needed, and many times unexpected, yet always welcome.

*Mo at Neurophilosophy for submitting some of our posts to blog carnivals before we even knew what these were…

*Bora at for A Blog Around The Clock for his amazing energy and open mind.

*ilker at The Thinking Blog for helping us learn how to navigate social bookmarking sites.

*Inaki at Sarelinks (in Spanish) for helping me deal with many technical/ platform decisions.

How you can show gratitude to other bloggers who have been helpful to you:

1. Simply tag 7 other bloggers, writing a Thank You post like this one. The more specific you are on why you appreciate their support, the more they will enjoy reading about it.
2. You then email them to say they have been tagged.

If you are not a blogger, simply think of 7 people who have been nice to you, and call them to say Thank You during the upcoming holidays.

Enjoy this belated burst of “Thanksgiving”!

Credit for pic: jeffclow via flickr

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8 Responses

  1. Valentin Ivan says:

    Thank you! I am really grateful to you to remind me about that.

  2. Bora says:

    Thank you so much! That is so kind of you to say!


  3. Zack says:

    Thanks Alvaro!

    Happy holidays to you. It’s great to see the neurosoftware space taking off like it is. I think you are very well positioned in this growing space.

  4. Thanks Alvaro. I’m truly humbled.

  5. Thank you so much, Alvaro! This is such a kind, wonderful thing to hear.

    I’ve been a fan of what you and your colleagues are doing here at SharpBrains. I think what you’re doing is super-fun (learning about the brain and how to stay brain-young), and really valuable.

    Thank you so much for the link. I agree with Ilker. I am humbled.

  6. Alvaro says:

    Valentin: welcome to our site! Thank you for your note.

    Bora, Zack, ilker, Senia: what can we say, the pleasure is ours. Your help has been great, and deserved a moment of appreciation!

  7. Bill says:

    Thank you for writing about this. I say this to my clients all the time. It’s nice to direct them to this blog so they hear it from someone else too!

    Bill Yeager

  8. Alvaro says:

    Hello Bill, I hope your clients find the site useful. Please let us know any feedback you have or hear!

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