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Just wanted to let you know that we have created this new, Teasers section to serve as a repository of the best Mind and Brain Games we offer through the blog. If you need to quickly exercise your brain after Thanksgiving holiday…you can go ahead and find a selection of 50 Brain Teasers. Enjoy!

Visit: Teasers section

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3 Responses

  1. Tom N says:

    The Bus puzzle confused the hell out of me.

    I’m guessing that kids in the UK would say Right, because we drive on the other side of the road over here, so the door’s on the other side of the bus…

  2. Alvaro says:

    Hello Tom,

    Good point regarding the UK.

    Let me reframe your comment another way: that “confusion” is probably good brain exercise, whether you got the puzzle right or not, because it forced you to think outside of your familiar patterns!

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