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Your Haiku, please?

Haiku brain exerciseIn our Top 50 Brain Teasers post, we concluded with the challenge:

#50. Can you write a haiku describing your experience doing some of the previous teasers? The simple rules: write 3 lines, which don’t need to rhyme, containing 5,7, and 5 syllables. You can leave your haiku as a comment for extra points…

There has been a number of great and fun takers so far…enjoy their haikus below! And Happy Thanksgiving.

– Terry says:

New information
Synthesizing my knowledge
A forward movement

– Frank says:

Painfully easy
Significantly harder
Mental stimulus

– Mark says:

I thought I did well
Then I reviewed my answers
I am retarded

– Chuck says:

This was fun, and no,
I don’t intend to haiku.
Thanks for posting it

– Sarah says:

finding your teasers
added fun to my morning,
helped wake my brain up

– Lorraine says:

teaching math is fun
when you find great resources
sharp brains is the place

Yours , please? You can visit our Top 50 Brain Teasers post for inspiration.

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10 Responses

  1. psalm27sjb says:

    As my mind expands,
    it grasps new ide-…oh look
    there’s something shiny!!

  2. HiZaM says:

    now i know 2
    oh i forgot the other one

  3. anonymous says:

    the noon hour portends
    a burrito with salsa
    brightening my tongue

  4. mike k says:

    See I think I see
    Here now, not so – really real?
    Wounded, mind leaves me

  5. Arlene says:

    A wakeup call to

    jog the brain,
    reach what can be

    just practice, practice

  6. GTB says:

    Haiku’s are easy
    But sometimes they don’t make sense

  7. Alvaro says:

    Wow, many thanks for those fun haikus 🙂

    GTB: yours is pretty spectacular 🙂 if refrigerators had brains, what would they use them for?

  8. Lisa says:

    new thoughts activate
    frontal lobe work hard, harder
    no senility

  9. yogesh says:

    the strain at first
    a long morning in june
    looking at birds

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