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Marian Diamond on the brain

Quotes from a great article, Professor, 81, proves brain stays young:

– In 1960, Diamond became the first female faculty member in Cal’s science department, achieving full professorship in 1974. She still teaches anatomy with her 81st birthday two weeks away.

– Diamond, a professor of anatomy at UC Berkeley, determined that the brain can stay young through stimulation, which can be achieved through her five-point plan: diet, exercise, challenge, newness and tender loving care.

– Using her plan, how is she challenged?

– “Every student who sits in that chair,” she said, pointing across the desk in her fifth-floor office in the Life Sciences Building on campus. “They come in here asking questions, and you better have the answers.”

– What newness, then, is in her life?

– “I have grandchildren,” she said. “What could be better, deciding new things for them, to stimulate their brains.”

– She has four children, four grandchildren and a husband, Arnold Scheidel, who teaches anatomy at UCLA. They see each other on school weekends,

– Diamond feels her own brain growing.

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