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MindFit special discount for SharpBrains readers

For a lim­it­ed time only: we can offer a 10% Dis­count and Free ship­ping for Sharp­Brains read­ers who want to buy Mind­Fit brain fit­ness pro­gram. Sim­ply vis­it this web­site intro­duce the Dis­count Code SB-MF-10 in the Discounts/Coupons field as you check out.

Note: by click­ing here you will vis­it a dif­fer­ent web­site, unafil­i­at­ed with us. Please remem­ber that we have not devel­oped Mind­Fit, but con­sid­er it one of the pro­grams with good grades in our 10-Ques­tion Eval­u­a­tion Check­list, so we are glad to have secured this dis­count.

Below you have some demos, so you get a sense of the types of exer­cis­es we are talk­ing about. Have fun!

Inside and Outside Task

The “Inside and Out­side” task was designed to train your divid­ed atten­tion skills. Divid­ed atten­tion is the abil­i­ty to pay atten­tion to more than one thing at a time.

Two In One Task

The “Two in One” task was designed to train your abil­i­ty to per­form two tasks simul­ta­ne­ous­ly.

Picasso Task

The “Picas­so” task is an exam­ple of how the Mind­Fit pro­gram trains your visu­al short-term mem­o­ry, as well as your abil­i­ty to rebuild a pat­tern from its parts.

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