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Rethinking the Brain Fitness Business

Great article on the growing brain fitness field. Rethinking the Brain Business: Why a mental-fitness program may be the start of something big. Some quotes:

– “But Merzenich has loftier ambitions. He envisions his company as part of a new industry that will become a “mirror” of the drug industry. He wants to go far beyond simply sharpening memory and cognitive ability to tackle diseases as well. Instead of medications, he sees a business rooted in neuroscience that will use noninvasive computer exercises to rewire the brain, gradually training it back to mental health.”

– For now, Merzenich believes the emerging field of “brain health” is cluttered with bad science. He singled out Nintendo’s brain games as an example of a product that has no science to back up its claims. But he doesn’t expect that to last.

– “This field is undisciplined now and full of trash,” he says. “But it will mature and ultimately the snake oil will be cleaned up. It will grow like the fitness industry from almost nowhere. And it will become a part of everyday life.”

For help on how to evaluate the growing number of programs, check out our Brain Fitness Program evaluation checklist.

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