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Brain Health NewsRoundup of recent articles:

1) Awards

-Very smart brains: Fun Slate article, Seven Ingenious Rules: How to become a MacArthur genius, once the 24 new MacArthur Fellows were announced (Dear reader: if you are a past, present or future winner, please forgive me for the title).

The Tech Museum of Innovation Announces 2007 Awards (we had been nominated, didn’t win).

2) Encouraging for the whole field: NASDAQ and NeuroInsights Launching Neurotech Index.

3) Cognitive Training Products: Hype or Hope for Maintaining Independence?.

Great June article we had missed, including a link to a 23-page PDF overview: Intellectual Functioning in Adulthood: Growth, Maintenance, Decline and Modifiability by K. Warner Shaie & Sherry L. Willis (San Francisco: American Society on Aging, 2005).

4) Military Backs Reforms: “The military will expand psychological screening for both new recruits and active-duty service members, and will make safeguarding mental health part of the core training for leaders”.

5) Ed Boyden, who leads the MIT leads the Neuroengineering and Neuromedia Group, has a new neurotechnology blog.

6) More blog carnivals: Education, Tangled Bank (Science).

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