Brain training to live long and strong

If you want to live long and strong, you’ve got to do more than work out your body; you’ve got to exer­cise your brain, insists Dr. Elkhonon Gold­berg, clin­i­cal pro­fes­sor of neu­rol­o­gy at New York Uni­ver­si­ty School of Med­i­cine. While we’ve heard for years that men­tal stim­u­la­tion can stave off demen­tia and Alzheimer’s, Dr. Gold­berg says sci­en­tists now know exact­ly how to keep our brains from turn­ing to mush – by stim­u­lat­ing the growth of new neu­rons and inter­con­nec­tions between them that boost brain effi­cien­cy. If you don’t use your brain in new and nov­el ways, your brain won’t be fit to use.

As the chief sci­en­tif­ic advis­er for, Dr. Goldberg’s site offers an array of brain teasers and exer­cis­es that improve brain func­tion. But online tests are not all you can do. Just do some­thing dif­fer­ent and chal­leng­ing. Get­ting out of your mid­dle-aged com­fort zone is the dif­fer­ence in a high qual­i­ty of life when you’re old­er than none at all.

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