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emWave PC Stress Relief System Updated

emWave PC Stress Relief SystemA new version of emWave® PC Stress Relief System (formerly Freeze-Framer) has been released with a new name, new games, new features, new interactive coach, and all new content.

New features and enhancements include:

  • Categorized content sections with over 100 pages of reference information including Health and Well-Being, Health Professionals, Sports Performance, Workplace Performance, and Testing and Learning.
  • The Coherence Coach™ teaches stress reduction and trains you to find “The Zone”.
  • Emotion Visualizer™ displays colorful images which change as you change your emotional state.
  • Interactive games help you transform stress into creative energy.
  • emWave game

  • An integrated music player and improved audio feedback functionality.
  • Integrated web access to online forums, troubleshooter and knowledgebase.
  • Advanced data logging for pulse, inter-beat-intervals, power spectrum and more.
  • New and improved tutorial and help system.
  • and much more…

HRVemWave PC collects information from your heart through a USB finger or ear-clip sensor that plugs into your computer and then translates that heart rhythm information into user-friendly graphics on your computer screen to help train you to relax and find “The Zone”. As you reduce your stress, you see your heart rhythms change in real time as you move into a more balanced, productive mental state.

emWave PC allows you to track your progress and has three interactive games powered by your ability to transform stress into renewed energy. A new feature of emWave PC is its Emotion Visualizer, a practice application that provides images which adjust the degrees of color and movement as you adjust your emotional state.Coherence Ratio Screen

If you purchased Freeze-Framer from us and are interested in a Software Upgrade Kit, please contact us.

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