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Take the Senses Challenge

This is a very fun link to a series of 20 timed puz­zles put togeth­er by the BBC. It should take you about 10 min­utes to com­plete.

bbc-blocks-dark–> Take THE SENSES CHALLENGE


More brain teas­er games:

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  1. Dolly Harris says:

    i’m look­ing for mind teasers or games to chal­lange the minds of my din­ner club con­sist­ing of males and females ages 65+. Are there any on DVDs?

  2. Caroline says:


    Off­hand I don’t know any brain teas­er or puz­zle DVDs. There are lots of books and we have many teasers on this site, but I don’t know any DVDs.

    You might want to look at our Exer­cise Your Brain DVD and see if it works for your needs. It is an 80 minute class on brain fit­ness with exam­ples of how you can exer­cise your var­i­ous men­tal mus­cles. You can watch a pre­view at the link I gave you.

    Sounds like a fun din­ner par­ty!

  3. Neat! Thanks for the link!

  4. Caroline says:

    Enjoy and have fun with it!

  5. Eugene says:

    hi nice post, i enjoyed it

  6. GW says:

    The guy with his feet on the desk in your excer­cise, his eyes change, ever so slight­ly so there is two cor­rect answers.

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