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Can Thoughts and Action Change Our Brains?

We finally had time to hear and enjoy the 35-minute interview with WSJ science writer Sharon Begley about her new book, Train Your Mind Change Your Brain. Highly recommended. (Thanks Beate!)

NPR Talk of the Nation, February 2, 2007: “For years, scientists believed the brain’s structure couldn’t be changed. The new science of neuroplasticity says that’s not the case, and argue the brain is much more flexible than previously thought.”

Listen to the interview here.

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4 Responses

  1. Ellen Weber says:

    Great post Alvaro, and this is just one example of the amazing news coming from research – now that imaging has been added to the picture.

    Since it is true that what we do in a day actually shapes the construction of the brain – it’s also true that we can re-configure far more success in a day through simple decisions we make and follow. Great motivation to do just that here! Thanks.

  2. Alvaro says:

    Thanks for the comment, Ellen. Yes, it is fascinating that now the mainstream media is starting to help us get the word out and help everyone be aware of what we can do.

  3. mahalaxmi says:

    as per me when number of unnessasary thoughts increase , the tensions in our daily life also increases.

    when nutritous food is taken the sharpness in our brain increases.

    when intoxicants or any kind of sleeping pills are taken, it leads to the decrease of memory power and concentration power.

    answering to puzzles and any quiz would help to make our brain sharp

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