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Some Weekend Reading

There are a couple of great blog carnivals out there from this past week, if you’re looking for some motivating and fun reading.

  • RT published the inaugural issue of the #1 Fitness and Health Carnival at Real Women’s Fitness. Don’t worry, even if you’re a guy, there’s plenty there to get you started and keep you motivated on a fitness plan – for your body and your mind. I particularly like this post: Bring Back the Fun which aims at getting you to have more creativity with your workout. Kevin’s suggestions also make for good brain fitness – most of his suggestions include novelty and challenge, both of which are good for motivation and brain fitness.
  • Another interesting fitness-related post is What Is The Best Predictor of Successful Leadership? from Business, Technology and Knowledge. Jack, the author, makes a point that playing sports helps develop leadership skills. So next time you need to leave work early to play basketball, tell your boss it’s “leadership training”. We agree that sports make for good brain exercise as well as physical exercise.
  • Speaking of levity, Creative Ideas for Business Games, which was posted in the TimeCheeze BlogCarnival provides some good chuckles. Or delve into Mad Kane’s Humor Blog for a great collection of posts and links to browse. Enjoy – real laughter is great for your health!
  • Now that you’re relaxed and mellow from laughing, Polliwog Presents the Carnival of Good Stuff which will keep the warm fuzzies (or at least the dopamine and oxytocin) going. One particularly good article is Meditation Series for Beginners which gives a fantastic introduction and guide to trying meditation. Try it out – you might be surprised at simple and profound it is.

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  1. RT says:

    Thanks for linking back to the Carnival. I hope to see more submissions from you next time!

  2. Caroline says:

    Absolutely! Thanks for putting in the time and effort to host a great carnival, RT.

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