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Brain exercise: draw the face of a penny, please

How many pen­nies have you seen in your life?

Can you rec­og­nize the face of a pen­ny, with all its ele­ments, now?new

You will prob­a­bly find the answer in your pock­ets, not in your mind.

Com­ment: in real­i­ty, does any­one need to know exact­ly what the face of a pen­ny looks like? We can prob­a­bly sur­vive with­out know­ing it. Our atten­tion and mem­o­ry are selec­tive.

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16 Responses

  1. Senia says:

    I think it’s i or a. I’ll go with a.

  2. Victoria says:

    Answer: g

  3. casey says:

    hahah the answer is a or G you cant read the words in od we trust so you cant be shure

  4. miss says:

    we dont have pen­nies from where i come from, so i could­nt try that

  5. liam says:

    our pen­nies just depict the queens head look­ing right with her name and some othe dudes going around the out­side of it.

  6. Sam says:

    The face is Abe Lin­colns, The rest is just words.

  7. Aaron says:

    I was think­ing between a and g, but I think a pen­ny has the longer curve on top, so I’m going with G, final answer 😛

  8. Pris says:

    I guess its “g”

    The image looks cor­rects, but I can not read the facts

  9. Mark says:

    the answer is A. not that hard folks

  10. Susie says:

    I don’t think the point is whether or not this exer­cise is “hard.” Hard is a rel­a­tive term when deal­ing with mem­o­ry, in my hum­ble opin­ion. For exam­ple, one who makes his or her liv­ing mak­ing pen­nies may scoff at any­one who could not rec­og­nize the cor­rect pen­ny. How­ev­er, the same indi­vid­ual may feel quite out of his or her ele­ment when asked how many red stripes are on the red and white striped hat of Dr. Seuss’s char­ac­ter “The Cat in the Hat” with­out look­ing. How­ev­er, many chil­dren could quick­ly tell you that the answer is three. What’s rel­e­vant to one per­son may not be all that impor­tant to anoth­er per­son. Thank good­ness we don’t remem­ber every sin­gle detail of every item we’ve seen in our lives. We’d go stark rav­ing mad!

  11. usmc3062 says:

    It can’t be a there is only 3 num­bers in the date on a

  12. Niels says:

    I’ve nev­er seen a pen­ny, do you have a euro­cent?

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