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SharpBrains Mental Workout at Cisco Systems

A cou­ple of weeks ago we had a very fun team-build­ing ses­sion, titled Sharp­Brains Men­tal Work­out at Cis­co Sys­tems, dur­ing the retreat of a Cis­co Sys­tems group. We cov­ered recent brain research and its impli­ca­tions for learn­ing and train­ing, and we intro­duced a lot of fun games and activ­i­ties. Some key take-aways for par­tic­i­pants were:

  • a) There are fre­quent­ly dif­fer­ent, but equal­ly valid, ways to look at things. We bet­ter try to under­stand each oth­er before we try to impose our ideas (See old lady-young lady game in a lat­er post, under title “What do you see?”)
  • b) Each os us has “3 inte­grat­ed brains” and 7 key “men­tal mus­cles”
  • c) Good brain exer­cise requires nov­el­ty, vari­ety and prac­tice.
  • d) Doing our best at work and life helps train our brains. Train­ing our brains helps us do our best at work and in life

We went through some areas rel­e­vant to busi­ness life, through the eyes of neu­ro­science

  • 1) Devel­op Cre­ative Inspi­ra­tion through move­ment
  • 2) Improve Team­work through emo­tion­al under­stand­ing, appre­ci­a­tion and learn­ing to man­age stress
  • 3) Man­age mul­ti-task­ing through Atten­tion and Mem­o­ry tech­niques
  • 4) Lead­er­ship through focus, plan­ning and learn­ing
  • 5) Com­mu­ni­cate through relat­ing to dai­ly expe­ri­ences, and analo­gies
  • 6) Improve con­fi­dence through a clear vision, and visu­al­ize suc­cess

And used some clas­sic games and chal­lenges, such as the ones in the oth­er posts, to illu­mi­nate some aspects about how our brains work.

If you were in charge of train­ing exec­u­tives in your com­pa­ny, what oth­er areas would you empha­size?

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