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Exercise Your Brain DVD

“Great fun. Instruc­tor is delight­ful, infor­ma­tive, enthu­si­as­tic. If this is a gym for the brain-who thought it could be so fun?“
– Anony­mous eval­u­a­tion from student

Exercise Your Brain: New Brain Research and Implications
Exer­cise Your Brain: New Brain Research and Impli­ca­tions DVD: $19.99
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All sales final. Approx­i­mate run­ning time 80 min­utes. Color / Not Rated / NTSC / Zone 0.

This one-hour and 20 minute class intro­duces you to the sci­ence of brain fit­ness and includes many engag­ing brain exer­cises you can do on your own or in a group setting.

You will learn about basic neu­roanatomy and phys­i­ol­ogy, as well as hear about the ground­break­ing pub­li­ca­tions that launched this field. Then, get you will prac­tice how to exer­cise your own brain and flex all your men­tal muscles.

Exer­cise Your Brain: New Brain Research and Impli­ca­tions has been taught at sev­eral dif­fer­ent Bay Area loca­tions through the Osher Life­long Learn­ing Insti­tute (OLLI), a net­work of over 100 cen­ters affil­i­ated with uni­ver­si­ties, that offer classes to peo­ple over 50. This class is also being offered as one of the global activ­i­ties for the Dana Foundation’s Brain Aware­ness Week 2007.

“Inter­ac­tive infor­ma­tion, enter­tain­ing, amus­ing, edu­ca­tional, lots of mate­r­ial cov­ered in short time. Good fun! Mr. Fer­nan­dez is in his ele­ment. Great teacher, witty, his love of his craft is evi­dent.“
– Anony­mous eval­u­a­tion from student

Here is a short pre­view of the class (please give it a few sec­onds to load):


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“Incred­i­ble com­bi­na­tion of knowl­edge and enthu­si­asm in the instruc­tor. Both chal­leng­ing and fun for stu­dents.“
– Anony­mous eval­u­a­tion from student

Your teacher, Alvaro Fer­nan­dez MA/MBA, leads the class through an in-depth dis­cus­sion of each of the seven main men­tal mus­cles and dif­fer­ent exer­cises to work out each one.

Course Top­ics

  • What is Brain Fitness
  • Warm­ing Up Your Brain
  • Sci­ence and Trends
  • Train­ing the Seven Main Men­tal Muscles
    1. Motor Coor­di­na­tion: Learn to bet­ter under­stand your abil­ity to con­sciously con­trol your vol­un­tary movements
    2. Emo­tions: Prac­tice rec­og­niz­ing, inter­pret­ing, and feel­ing emo­tions in your­self and others
    3. Mem­ory: Learn about what mem­o­ries really are and prac­tice sev­eral mnemonic strategies
    4. Sen­sory: Train your­self to pay atten­tion to your senses and take in that information
    5. Lan­guage: Prac­tice trans­lat­ing abstract thought into expres­sive communication
    6. Visual: Test your abil­i­ties to rotate objects in space as well as prac­tice men­tal visu­al­iza­tion for relaxation
    7. Exec­u­tive: Your exec­u­tive func­tions are the “umbrella” skills that affect every­thing you do, such as: plan­ning, atten­tion, abstract think­ing, time per­cep­tion, moti­va­tion, ini­ti­at­ing appro­pri­ate actions and inhibit­ing inap­pro­pri­ate actions, and select­ing rel­e­vant sen­sory information.

The class will leave you with an under­stand­ing of what brain fit­ness is and what you can do to be more fit now and later. Not just “Use It or Lose It” but “Use It and Improve It”!

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