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Brain health, and concussions, start to receive due attention



Invest­ing in brain health (CNBC):

No more than 10 years ago, I played for a league where I felt the pres­sures both inter­nally and exter­nally to return to the field and keep play­ing no mat­ter what. The words “con­cus­sion” and “TBI” (trau­matic brain injury) were not fre­quently used Read the rest of this entry »

Expanding the brain health toolkit with mobile neurobehavioral tests — aka a “brain thermometer”?

thermometersArmy touts ‘brain ther­mome­ter’ as front-line tool (Army Times):

Army medics will soon use what’s been dubbed a “brain ther­mome­ter”: a mobile phone appli­ca­tion that can, within min­utes, pro­vide health pro­fes­sion­als data to help diag­nose and mea­sure a soldier’s injuries…

The Defense Auto­mated Neu­robe­hav­ioral Assess­ment, pro­duced by Anthro­Tronix, includes Read the rest of this entry »

Study: Traumatic Brain Injury patients with high cognitive reserve recover 7 times better

Car_AccidentPeo­ple with More Edu­ca­tion May Recover Bet­ter from Trau­matic Brain Injury (Neurology):

The study exam­ined peo­ple with mod­er­ate to severe trau­matic brain injuries, most of which were from motor vehi­cle acci­dents or falls. All were taken to Read the rest of this entry »

Understanding the impact of concussions on the brain

brainconcussionNIHWhat a con­cus­sion looks like inside your brain (PBS):

  • But what hap­pens to the brain right after a con­cus­sion? Researchers at the National Insti­tute of Health peered into the brains of mice and watched how a trau­matic brain injury pro­gresses over a day. Read the rest of this entry »

The Crash Reel: Upcoming HBO documentary on traumatic brain injury & recovery

TCRWe just learned about upcom­ing HBO doc­u­men­tary The Crash Reel, based on the story of U.S. cham­pion snow­boarder Kevin Pearce, his trau­matic brain injury, and his recov­ery. If you live in or near Wash­ing­ton, DC, you can enjoy screen­ings in:

Descrip­tion: Train­ing to com­pete at the 2010 Win­ter Olympics Read the rest of this entry »

New market report analyzing the growing Digital Brain Health market 2012–2020

We are proud to release today what we believe is our best mar­ket intel­li­gence report so far, track­ing how fully auto­mated appli­ca­tions designed to assess, mon­i­tor and/ or enhance cog­ni­tion and brain func­tion­ing are trans­form­ing brain health, and health overall.

Here are a few exam­ples of what we mean by Dig­i­tal Brain Health, selected from among the 5 Mar­ket Lead­ers and 10 Com­pa­nies to Watch in 2013/2014 iden­ti­fied through our com­pre­hen­sive analysis.

  • A 30-minute online brain health assess­ment and per­son­al­ized brain fit­ness pro­gram used by large com­pa­nies like Nation­wide Insur­ance and Accen­ture to improve employee’s pro­duc­tiv­ity and men­tal wellness
  • An online cog­ni­tive train­ing pro­gram offered by sev­eral large AAA chap­ters to mem­bers age 50+ to improve dri­ving safety
  • A com­put­er­ized cog­ni­tive behav­ioral ther­apy offered by the NHS in the UK as a first-line inter­ven­tion for anx­i­ety and depression
  • A fully dig­i­tal head­set and plat­form that mea­sures basic brain states (such as level of atten­tion) and is being used to help peo­ple med­i­tate bet­ter and reduce ADHD symptoms
  • An iPad-based assess­ment that tracks cog­ni­tive per­for­mance over time to help detect con­cus­sions among football/ hockey play­ers and mil­i­tary per­son­nel Read the rest of this entry »

On the limits of Citicoline and the need for comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation

Citi­co­l­ine does not improve func­tional, cog­ni­tive sta­tus in patients with trau­matic brain injury (Out­come Magazine):

Although approved for use for treat­ing trau­matic brain injury (TBI) in nearly 60 coun­tries, use of citi­co­l­ine in a ran­dom­ized trial that included more than 1,200 par­tic­i­pants with TBI did not result in improve­ment in func­tional and cog­ni­tive sta­tus, accord­ing to a study appear­ing in the Novem­ber 21 issue of JAMA.

Despite con­sid­er­able advances in emer­gency and crit­i­cal care man­age­ment of TBI as well as decades of research on poten­tial agents for neu­ro­pro­tec­tion or enhanced recov­ery, no effec­tive phar­ma­cother­apy has yet been iden­ti­fied Read the rest of this entry »

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